Practical [ENG]

We encourage both joined actions as autonomous actions to state a clear ‘NO!’ to Pegida on the 11th of October. Actions, but also the safety of every person participating: that’s why we have set up an elaborate infrastructure.



You’re more effective and safer if you are in a group. So gather your friends and discuss on beforehand what you want to do and what not. You don’t have a group? Come to the ACU (Voorstraat 71) on time (11.00 o’clock) to find people to make a group with.

Helpful info about do’s and don’ts for affinity groups here.



From Amsterdam there will be a bus going to Utrecht. If you want to hop on the bus, send an e-mail to blockpegida(at) and let us know how many people you’re going with.

Times and places of departure:

9:30 am at ADM

10 am at station Sloterdijk



There is an info points available during the day. Here you can get the latest updates or you can regroup here.
ACU (Voorstraat 71), from 11.00 o clock.


On 11 October you can get the latest updates on Twitter, Indymedia and this website. Also there will be a phone number you can call for updates, this will be published shortly before.


First Aid

Violent extreme-rightwing people are expected and the police is also not to be trusted. During the day there will be medics to provide first aid if needed.


Legal team

There is a legal team and a lawyer (mr. Jebbink) standing by to provide arrestee support. You can get the phone number of the legal team at both the info points. Here you can also get a flyer with the most important info for if you get arrested.

Download the flyer on what to do if you get arrested (and read it on forehand):

legal team info [ENG]


Support & Recovery

Have you experienced (police) violence or other high-stress moments during the day? Come to the ACU where we can guide you to  the S&R space to catch your breath, tell your story if you need that at that moment and receive tips on how to deal with this stress the first few days. Also afterwards you can contact the S&R team at sr-team(at)


After the actions

At 5.30pm we will come together at the ACU and bring a toast to our radical NO! to racism and islamophobia!